Cirque du Soleil Events

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All the Cirque du Soleil Shows
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The world of Cirque du Soleil combines the amazing acrobatics of the circus with the theatrics of a Broadway theater performance, Cirque du Soleil shows all will make you feel as if you’re part of the fantasy worlds they create. All of their shows utilize their own special and unique staging and their own honed performance skills combining them for creative visual displays and incredible physical performances. When you attend a Cirque show live you’ll be immersed in the visual and aural fantasies that can’t been enjoyed the same when not live.

A Magical Cirque ChristmasCirque de la Symphonie
Alcatraz CirqueCircovia – A Cirque Style Sensation
Cirque DreamsCirque Dreams Holidaze
Cirque du SoleilCirque du Soleil Alegria
Cirque du Soleil Drawn to LifeCirque du Soleil KA
Cirque du Soleil KoozaCirque du Soleil Love
Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson ONECirque du Soleil Mystere
Cirque du Soleil OCirque du Soleil Ovo
Cirque Du Soleil Twas The Night BeforeCirque Eloize
Cirque Eloize Hotel Cirque Goes Broadway
Cirque Mechanics Cirque Musica Holiday Spectacular
Gravity and Other Myths Gravity and Other Myths
Holiday Dreams Cirque Les Carnavals du Monde

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